Information is on the Music page of this website.

Please note that our July Concert Series, featuring the Bells of First Church, begins Tuesday, July 2nd.  It will be preceded by an Organ Concert at 6:30.  We have 5 Tuesdays this year, which means 5 concerts, for the first time, so we are extra lucky!  We hope to see you here!  

Please also note that the potluck picnic and final/closing carillon concert will be on Tuesday, July 30th. 


We’ll still be here getting ready for a fun Fall! Stop in to say hi, come to church, come to the Carillon Concerts and enjoy the wonderful days ahead!



Our two Book Clubs will take a break for the summer months of July and August, and resume in September.  We will also take a break from cooking for the Prudence Crandall Center and resume in September.  Thank you to all who support these events! 


Although the Happy Bookers, Friday afternoon book club, is on Summer Break, our next meeting will be on Friday, September 6th, at noon, in the Parlor.  We will discuss “Funny Story”, by Emily Henry.



Thank you to all that have been stepping up to help with Coffee Hour.  During the summer we will continue to have Coffee Hour and need volunteers.  We  will have the cart set up for Sunday with a “to do” sheet on it. We will make coffee, so the host just needs to wheel the cart out and set things up. 

If you are able to help, please contact Julie or Joyce A.