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First Church of Christ

“ROOTED AND GROUNDED IN LOVE.” . . .  Ephesians 3:17


Bring a Neighbor or Friend to Church this Advent/Christmas Season

In a world where many are seeking genuine community, deep life meaning and spiritual connection, First Church of Christ, Congregational has a lot to offer. One of our church visions is to share with others what we, as a faith community, enjoy and hold dear.

A recent survey of de-churched folks found:

  1. Most would prefer to attend church on Sunday morning.
  2. Most feel guilty about not attending, have feelings of emptiness, but feel overwhelmed or intimidated at walking into a new place of worship.
  3. 96% are at least somewhat likely to attend a church if invited by a friend.

So, this Advent/Christmas season we are encouraging you to invite a friend or neighbor to your church.  All our Christmas decorations will create a mood of holy joy and comfort.  The music is especially grand, both rousing and soothing the soul.  This is a time when many are in a growing positive mood or searching for community. And, even if they are going through a difficult patch, isn’t a First Church worship service the place to be.  If you bring them through the door, sit with them during the service, and introduce them to your church family during coffee hour, we will do the rest. We will have extra greeters and bread bakers for our guests this season, and coffee hour will be especially festive, delicious and welcoming.

How to invite them?  Share with them what you love about the church. Let them know that every week we begin worship with these words:

No matter who you are, or where you are on life’s journey, You are welcome here.

Let them know this is the root belief of our family life together.  Let them know that we are not a creedal church than demands particular beliefs, but a covenantal church that joins itself together in mutually supportive pilgrimage.  Let them know how we have something to offer that they are really looking for—soul inspiring music, an amazing church school, thoughtful sermons, social and educational events, festivals, a family that cares, dependable pastoral care from ministers and members, and a church that actively supports essential social ministries in the New Britain community.

Screw up your courage and invite someone to Christ’s advent as experienced in the joy and warmth of our church family. This is a win/win for all! Here is a schedule of our services:

Dec 4, 10am:          Advent II  Kendrick Preaching

Dec 11, 10am:        Advent III Kendrick Preaching

Dec 18, 10am:        Advent IV—Children’s Christmas Presentation

Dec. 18, 4pm:         Choir: Service of Lessons and Carols (Extra Bonus!)

Dec. 24, 10pm:       Christmas Eve Service Special Music/Kendrick Preaching

Dec. 25, 11am:       Christmas Day Service (note time change) An informal

time of Christmas carols and stories with Jim and Kendrick in the chapel.

In Christ’s love,



We have created a Program Booklet, which lists information about the church, worship, education, missions, programs and events.  It also contains a calendar of events from September 2015 – June 2016.  As well as offering information to our members about new and upcoming events, we will be able to show perspective pastors and visitors that we are an active, thriving church.  The booklets have name labels, are in alphabetical order and will be in a basket in Fellowship Hall.  Please take yours to review for the upcoming year; the fewer we have to mail, the more we’ll save on postage.  If you do not see one with your name, please take a blank one and leave a note in my mailbox.  Thank you! ~ Kristine

Over the summer Kendrick preached about how doing some pre-planning for your death is an act of love for your family.  Your family will want to get the final arrangements just right, just the way you want them.  However, if there is nothing written down even in the midst of their disorientation and grief they will have a significant worry. They will be anxious figuring out what you would have preferred for the funeral, for the interment, for the disposition of your body.  We have updated our Funeral Booklet and you will find many ideas about what decisions you should make, suggestions for your funeral service and other helpful information.  You will find this booklet in the rack with the published sermons in the hall wall by the office entrance.  We can send one out to you and are glad to file it for you.  Kendrick



Our Chapel is open for a private moment before Sunday’s service or during the week.  You are invited to come early and take a moment to thank God for a good week or for help with a challenge.


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