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“Summertime and the living is easy,”…or at least that’s what the George Gershwin song claims! I’m not so sure that’s true. My experience has been that my schedule in the summer is as full as during the church program year. Of course, the activities are different.  For one thing, there is always more planning than doing and that will certainly be the case this summer. When I came to First Church for my candidating weekend, the search committee organized a “meet and greet.” At that event, many of you asked me what plans I had in store for you and what changes would I be making. My response was that I had some ideas, but that WE would make plans and changes together. I made a promise to all of you and to myself that I would spend a year listening and getting to know to you. What a wonderful program year it has been, and I have learned much about this church, its traditions and so many of you.  Are you bracing yourself, in anticipation of a newsletter article that rolls out a plan of changes? Not to worry, because what I want to do is share some thoughts about how we can work together to make a plan for our future.

The first step is to pray. To pray for guidance, wisdom, courage, and compassion. Our prayers remind us that everything we hope to accomplish, should be done in a way that is “rooted and grounded in love.” Our prayers can help us to discern the gifts we each have to share. Time in prayer can still our fears, so that we can face our challenges and move into the future with hope. The first step and every step, includes time for prayer.

The praying has already begun, as have some planning sessions with Church Council and the Executive Council. The retirement of our Christian Education Director, Sharon Chamberlain, has created an opportunity for us to evaluate not only the Sunday School Program, but all of our programming and our staffing needs. Families with youth are being contacted so that we can hear from them about their expectations and hopes for faith formation programs. At the same time, I will be meeting with the CE Committee to talk about their role in this changing landscape of youth and young adult ministry. These efforts will coincide with conversations with Church Council, church members and the staff about our shared vision and mission.

My hope is that by mid-August we will make a decision about our staffing needs, write or revise a job description and be able to advertise the position. In conjunction with these efforts, I will be creating a few small working groups to address topics such as staff evaluations, worship and community outreach.

As I said at the start, summer isn’t always the time for easy living. However it is in the words of, singer/songwriter Van Morrison, the time to “Smell the sea, and feel the sky. Let your soul and spirit fly.” May we take time to let our souls and spirits fly as we look to the future with hope.

Peace, Rev. Margret



Our Chapel is open for a private moment before Sunday’s service or during the week.  You are invited to come early and take a moment to thank God for a good week or for help with a challenge.


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“ROOTED AND GROUNDED IN LOVE.” . . .  Ephesians 3:17