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First Church of Christ

“ROOTED AND GROUNDED IN LOVE.” . . .  Ephesians 3:17

Our community garden is flourishing!

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Dear First Church Friends,

The new church program year stands before us beckoning with a smile and wide open arms for us to engage fully.  What possibilities, what opportunities, await us as individuals and as a congregation?  Do miss the “We are First Church” booklet. One thing for sure:  we will be better people because of our involvement with First Church and First Church will be a better church because we offer up our unique spirits to be part of it.

My sermons this summer focused on some of the heroes of faith.  As important as they were to moving God’s plan forward they were so much like us: strong and committed and at the same time flawed and broken. Scripture is clear:  we are clay animated by the breath of God.  As such, humans are interesting hybrids.  Amphibians live in water and on land.  We are at home in the material and the spiritual world.  It’s a complicated, imperfect business being a human, but the direction from our Lord is that our purpose is to love as he has loved.  The early Christian theologians had a very practical yet profound saying, “Love and then do what you will.”  Love is a high charge and how it is lived out is left to us to figure out and discharge.  One thing for sure:  our church community welcomes us, supports us, encourages us and inspires us to love at full strength.  I very much look forward to sharing this new season with you.

In Christ’s love,




Several weeks ago I preached about how doing some pre-planning for your death is an act of love for your family.  Your family will want to get the final arrangements just right, just the way you want them.  However, if there is nothing written down even in the midst of their disorientation and grief they will have a significant worry. They will be anxious figuring out what you would have preferred for the funeral, for the interment, for the disposition of your body.  We have updated our funeral booklet and you will find many ideas about what decisions you should make, suggestions for your funeral service and other helpful information.  You will find this booklet in the rack with the published sermons in the hall wall by the office entrance.  We can send one out to you and are glad to file it for you.



Our Chapel is open for a private moment before Sunday’s service or during the week.  You are invited to come early and take a moment to thank God for a good week or for help with a challenge.


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